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An inspection must be requested within 30 days following project completion (68.52).  This verifies that the project was constructed correctly.


What to submit for inspection:


(1) Completed Request for Inspection Form, authorized by the owner or agent.

ŘIf an inspection is not requested within one year, the project must be turned over to TDLR enforcement




(2) Completed Owner Agent Designation Form, when the owner designates someone else to act as agent.

Hint: If an “Owner Agent Designation” form was submitted with the plan review another form is not necessary.




(3) Inspection & mileage fee payable to “ADA Assistance”





An inspection Response form will be attached to the back of the inspection report.  When corrective modifications are made this form must be completed and sent here to finalize the project. Here is one if you need it.




ŘIf violations are not corrected and the proper form submitted within 270 days, the project must be turned over to TDLR enforcement.


When a project is complete, the owner may request a Notice of Substantial Compliance with this form.




NOTE: TDLR sends post cards for overdue inspections.  Just indicate that you wish to have a RAS do the inspection and place Robert Ronson, RAS #16 on the form and return it to TDLR within the time allotted.  You will have completed your obligation.


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