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This is the first step in compliance with state accessibility laws, and to be sure your project complies.  Outside the state this ensures compliance.


Verification of starting this process is required to be included in the submittal for building permit.  You will receive confirmation of registration by fax or email, usually within an hour of receipt of the complete review submittal.


Plans drawn by design professionals are required to be submitted within 20 days of issuing* the drawings (68.50). 


What to submit for review:


(1) One set of completed/sealed plans drawn to scale (not preliminary) in PDF

           (Paper drawings are no longer allowed),

      Or submit drawings & forms in PDF on-line

                      Or optionally use a free FTP site

      Or send a Dropbox link.


(2) Completed Project Registration Form that is either signed by the owner or agent. You may register directly with TDLR (select the button “A RAS will be performing the plan review” enter “00000016”) and include the original confirmation page with your submittal.

¬For <$50,000



NOTE: If you want to register the project yourself (Click Here) and do not include the filing fee with your submittal.


(3) Completed Owner Agent Designation Form when the owner designates someone to act as agent

Hint: if someone is designated as the agent, they may also request the inspection when time comes for it.




(4) Design professionals must forward a proof of submission form.




(5) Review Fee payable to “ADA Assistance” plus $175 filing fee (or credit card).




(6) Please include a Request for Inspection Form at this time if you are paying the inspection fee up front.  This will prevent a delay when inspection time comes.





*Issue - To mail, deliver, transmit, or otherwise release plans or specifications to an owner, lessee, contractor, subcontractor, or any other person acting for an owner or lessee for the purpose of construction, applying for a building permit, or obtaining regulatory approval after such plans have been sealed by an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer. In the case of a state-funded or other public works project, it is the time at which plans or specifications are publicly posted for bids, after such plans or specifications have been sealed by an architect, interior designer, landscape architect, or engineer.


Sanctions and penalties for non-compliance


Plan Reviews

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